At the heart of the civil war, Kilinochchi was ravaged by years of conflict - the people who live here understand suffering because they have experienced it first-hand. Not one of them was protected from the cruelties of war, displacement and loss. Although people are now attempting to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and start over, it is an arduous road to recovery – a long term process.

Striving to play a part in enabling this change; to see transformation and reconciliation for the next generation, we opened an After School Centre on the outskirts of Kilinochchi town in 2012. Today, children and young people come daily for English, Computer, Mathematics and Sinhala classes. They enjoy sports activities and have a safe place to have fun and be children again.

The children themselves are excited about the possibility of changing their own lives as well as their families and the community; and there is now an opportunity to see real transformation for the next generation in the town of Kilinochchi.