To promote social enterprise as a way of sustainability for development work.
As a way of creating a sustainable income for the organizational work of CAL we started social enterprising projects. This work maximizes social impact as well as profits for the work of CAL. BUONO, our well-established coffee shop promotes the charitable work of CAL as well as funding our safe house for women.

Today Buono has grown to be one of the finest coffee shops in Kandy with a diverse and international customer base.CAL invested initial money to launch BUONO along with volunteer donations of furniture and equipment. BUONO and CAL run as Buono and a percentage of BUONO's profit is donated to the work of CAL.

Currently BUONO has 4 trained baristas, passionate about working in the coffee industry. At BUONO we strive to create a culture that values and respects diversity and inclusion. As a result, we have recruited youth from CAL’s child care centers to be part of the BUONO team. We intend to build their competencies and form a professional team to give our customers a unique Sri Lankan coffee experience.

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