Live and let live

Career Guidance & Training: If the project finances and resources permit we plan on setting up a career guidance system in the future for the young educated street kids to decide on what they would like to do in the future with their lives as they have no role models presently to follow. They can’t say “I want to be like my Dad”.

Vocational Training: Depending on the majorities choice of Training decisions we plan on implementing a vocational training center for youth and provide them with a recognized certificate to be able to obtain employment (mainly if they have not obtained primary education). Currently survey indicates that sewing, Cookery, and carpentry courses would be most popular with this community.

Community Development: In the future we hope that this community will be able to develop to a level of being able to set up their own village with postal, communication and banking facilities. We would like to help them with community capacity building to be able to aspire for better living conditions and better housing facilities.


Needs assessment and Survey: Periodically we plan on conducting assessments and performance reviews to make sure the project is reaching its desired targets. Based on these assessments and reports generated we feel that our methods will be flexible and will need to adopt to the community and will be unique in its nature.