Kids in crisis

Schooling (Tuition / Training): As these children have difficulties in learning and sometimes need special attention, the project is designed to help them and provide the extra help tuition they need. We have therefore got real teachers from Private schools to come in on given days to help kids with subjects such as Math, Science depending on the need for this. These teachers are paid an extra fee but make the kids get extra coaching just like the private school kids.

Supply of School Equipment: At the beginning of the year and half yearly we provide the children with a set of school uniforms, new shoes, bags, water bottles, stationery, and books.

Schools’ Drop Out: As a result of the lack of interest of the parents and the lack of study material, students often drop out of school by the age of 13 & 14. We support kids who face this situation and get them back to school. As a step toward this we have begun talking to parents to create awareness about the importance of education and the transformation it could bring into their lives and have been able to re-admit a few children back to school.


Counseling and Inner Health: We provide counseling, rehabilitation and inner healing to those children who have been abused, affected by negligence and other misfortunes.

Child sponsors / Scholarships: To encourage education, we are setting up a scheme to provide scholarships to the children who have demonstrated good academic performance. Children are asked to bring their term reports to the centre, for those with promising results or proven to be exceptionally bright, we would provide them with a scholarship so that they can complete their A-Levels or even University.

We believe focusing our effort on children is the starting point to break the poverty cycle.