Health & nutrition

Nutrition programme
Since most children that we work with suffer from hunger and conditions of malnutrition we plan to create nutritional awareness among children and parents with the aid of nutritional experts. We also focus on giving nutritional meals to children to ensure they receive a balanced diet on a daily basis and growth monitoring of under 5 children to ensure that they follow the growth curve are not malnutritioned.

Childcare and hygiene
Often parents needs to constantly reminded and taught on good hygienic practices. Therefore CAL invests in guiding the parents to engage in cleanliness activities by setting an example while they are in the centers. We ensure they have a clean, hygienic environment to learn and play while they in our care.


Ensure children are well-nourished and have access to quality health services.

Outcome 1
Children are hunger free and have improved nutritional levels.

Outcome 2
Children enjoy a good health and hygienic practices

Outcome 3
Children and families have access to clean water