Health is wealth

Nutrition Programme: Since most children are under nourished or malnutritioned. We plan on creating nutritional awareness with the aid of medical practitioners for the children and parents. We focus on health foods at the center and make sure that the kids have a balanced diet at all meals they have at the center. We would further like to as and when possible have a nutrition day where the community is fed with low cost nutritional meals and are taught on how they can do the same in their day to day lives. In the case of pregnant mums and infants we would like to focus on providing them with the right diet as a step to a health next generation.

Mobile Clinics: We presently have one of the cities best Gynecologists who can be channeled by the women free of charge. We plan on getting a group of doctors on a given day and having them at the center to attend to the community as a whole.


Family Planning Awareness: Child Action Lanka creates awareness on this issue as many unaffordable pregnancies take place. Along with birth control methods we also plan to undertake HIV and sexually transmitted disease awareness with the aid of government medical practitioners. Awareness can be raised through posters, Aids day awareness, videos, etc.

Parenting, Child Care and Hygiene: Often parents need a lot of teaching on childcare and hygiene and to support this we have created a system of leading by example hence, when children are brought to the center this two factors are emphasized: Kids will be kept clean and cared for at all times. Cleanliness also involves clean feeding vessels for the children, the use of diapers and regular cleanliness programmes and teachings for the kids as appropriate.