Development partners

We work with vulnerable children representing all localities of Sri Lanka. These groups include orphans, children living on the streets, victims of war and conflict, and urban & rural poor. The factors of vulnerability include deprivation from education, domestic violence, abuse, and distress due to illness.  In the efforts of achieving our vision for children, CAL works with many development partners. Child development is never sustained if parents and families are not involved in the process. Therefore we encourage and equipped them to partner with us in providing children a good education, a healthy and safe environment. In the process we partner with Local government and its entities, NGOs/INGOs, Private sector, and individual resource persons to serve our children in the best way possible.

CAL has partnered with a range of organisations both overseas and locally to receive support for the child development work it undertakes. However CAL also partners with local charities, corporate bodies, and individuals to raise funds for children in monetary terms as well as gifts in kind.

Social Enterprising was an initiative taken by CAL as a way to rationalize the financial sustainability of the organizational work. These entities will maximize social impact alongside earn profits to sustain the work of CAL.  Currently, an established  Coffee Shop under the name of “BUONO” to promote the charitable cause of the organization as well as fund the safe house for women subjected issues of domestic violence.

Volunteers are also a great asset to CAL, we consider volunteerism as a powerful means of connecting the globe to our work.  We engage the volunteers in our ongoing development work and use their expertise in our administrative tasks.